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There is hope, lots of hope; I was going to tell you to purchase a new copy of Lin and Larry Pardey's book - Cost Conscious Cruiser - but in keeping with the spirit of the book, find a used copy... lol! I'm not sure how much you know about this couple but they have 5 circumnavigations under their belt and are great believers in getting just enough boat... period. The phrase on the cover of the book, just above the title - Cost Conscious.... - is "Champagne Cruising on a Beer Budget."

Their first circumnavigation was on a 24 foot sloop (amend that, cutter) without a motor - it took 7 years. There lots of used "Cruising in Seraffyn" books out there by the Pardey's so why not pick one up to motivate you.

Here is a paragraph from Pardey's Cost Conscious.... to help motivate you and to encourage you to look at older boats:

"Another advantage of buying secondhand is well stated by Andrew Simpson, a recognized British yacht designer/builder/surveyor who is now editor at Practical Boat Owner magazine: "There is the growing feeling amongst informed sailors that with fibreglass-reinforced plastic boats (GRP), older might actually be better. Or to put it another way, that in opting to buy second-hand, you would really be settling for more not less. With certain qualifications, I agree with these sentiments and would put my money on a good quality, mid-1970's yacht - a Nicholson 32, for example - out living many of the 'plastic fantastics' being built today."

Taleisin is their current boat, but somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I seem to recall they purchased another boat. However, on Taleisin - a 29 foot cutter - they have travelled approximately 50,000 miles.

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