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Re: Interesting little video

Originally Posted by Group9 View Post
Nice video and an interesting story. You wonder how many people in their forties and fifties, getting more and more stressed out in their jobs, wish they could find a way to get off the gerbil wheel to live a life like this, at least for a while.

If I could go back in time, the one thing I would do for sure, would be to do something like this when I was young, with basically no responsibilities, and no worries.

My first cruise, in 1987, just two weeks to the Bahamas with some friends, made me want the lifestyle. Sadly, at 29, I was already working with a house, car, and student loan payments, and locked into the A-1 scenario lifestyle.

Plenty of time later for this guy to enter the grind of the rat race if that is what he wants. But, he seems to be enjoying the hell out of life. Not everybody can say the same. I know millionaires that don't seem half as happy as this guy.
Its actually interesting to me to hear and understand why people decide to do this. What were the reasons, what drove them to do it. There are some pretty insightful answers and messages there from all sort of angles.
So many do it part time, sailing on weekends, etc, thats a hobby, I also intend to do it, but actually still working on the boat for a while, so its really not the same thing as this guy is doing it. I would still have a safety net, ie, I play it safe.
But to actually totally drop everything, and have your whole world on a boat with no fixed monthly income, and of course without the usual stresses that come with it, I don't know, it must be an incredible thing. It takes courage and a unique mindset to do this and I am sure its really hard sometimes.
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