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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

Originally Posted by Multihullgirl View Post
Those of you who say you don't "see" sexism? Here's something for you:

Next Time Someone Says Women Aren't Victims Of Harassment, Show Them This.

in response, that is an editorial cartoon. it is an expression of opinion and not actualy proof of anything. i could just as easily draw a cartoon that says the exact opposite.

however, to address some of the points the cartoon brought up:

----abortion laws are not sexist in nature. they are a violation of people's religious freedoms and are based on christianity. rather than being sexist, they are just another example of how christians have been pushing their religion on everyone else for centuries.

----it truly is hypocritical for someone to dress in sexually provocative ways and expect to not be viewed in sexual ways. if you don't want me to look at your boobs( a very normal human reaction that has been a key element in making sure all sexual species reproduce), don't flash tnem at me. if i were to walk around with my equipment hanging out, i would be thought an idiot if i got offended at women looking at it. seriously. i guess all the male strippers should protest all the sexist women staring and wolf calling and shouting at them. just terribly sexist behavior.

---really? the cartoon makes it look as if women are just being groped 24/7 and having obscenities yelled at them from all sides constantly. you think that might be an exageration? i've had chicks squeeze my butt ( and even one run her hands 'accidentally' over my crotch) and i think every guy gets whistled at, flirted with, or had sexual comments made to them. i've dated some really hot chicks, over the years and they never complained of anything nearly like that cartoon depicts.

-----and, as far as how men speak of women amongst themselves:

A) as long as they aren't saying it to you, it's not your business what they say or think and

B) women do the same thing...often very vocally and openly. i can't tell you how many times i have heard women talking amongst themselves, in public, loudly and openly in a way that was treating men as sex objects. happens all the time. it happens at work. it happens at bars. i hear it after movies containing actors that women call 'studs'...a sexist term that views men in only a sexual manner. i can see it, now: "how terrilble. i can't stand it anymore. you only see me as big arms and a warshboard stomach. stop checking out my crotch ( i have had that happen a lot, too). my eyes are up here, lady!" no i can't. what guy would actuallty get upset that a woman checks him out or finds him sexy?

-----the reason a guy apologizes to another guy for hitting on his girlfriend or wife and not the woman has nothing to do with men viewing women as property. there is nothing wrong with men or women trying to get dates with people. that is natural and it's how relationships start and species continue. why would a guy apologize to a woman for that? however, if you realize you have been hitting on a woman that has a partner already, you apologize to him because you were trying to get involved with the person he is in a relationsip with. can you actually tell me that, if your woman friend were to realize she had been hitting on your boyfriend/husband, she would not apologize to you for the transgeression?

----as far as a guy being whipped; a guy who can't stand up and be himself, totally dominated by his girlfriend, is being submissive and weak. no one is saying a guy has to dominate. not at all. but, some guys just get bullied by their girlfriend/wife. they aren't man enough to be respected as a person by their partner. so, you say they sare whipped because they act weak and timid like a whipped dog. it's not sexist agsainst women at all. if anything, it's sexist against men because we expect strength, confidence, and courage from men and view them as less than a man if they act weak, timid, and cowardly.

---and, finally, i don't know about any of the other guys on here, but i claimed to be taken, once, to get a very unattractive woman to stop hounding me. i was definately not interested and she wouldn't take the hint and, rather than be mean and say 'i find you unattractive and sexually repulsive', it was just easier to say i had a girlfriend. that doesn't always work on women, though. a lot of my past girlfriends' friends have hit on my while i was with their friend. guys, though, usually respect other guys enough to back off. (in the pursuit of total honesty, i wil admit having stolen or 'borrowed' a number of other guy's girlfriends, in the past, but none that were attached to any of my friends. i never said i was a saint)

anyhow, that cartoon isn't so much evidence as it is propoganda in support of an opinion.

it's also shows just how meaningless the words 'sexism' and 'sexual harrassment' really have become. basically, if a guy you are not interested in compliments you or hits on (or even just asks you out) you it's sexual harrassment and he is sexist. but, if a guy you are interested in does those things, it's just fine. it really shows how one sided the whole thing is. it's ok for women to treat men as sex objects (in fact, it's empowering to women. they cheer each other for it) but it's wrong to do so. how can those words have any real meaning if you can apply them in any way that suits you or if they apply to only one gender? they can't.

and, am i saying there aren't guys who are offensive or guys that have a lesser opiniojn of women? no. i'm not. there are buttholes in every crowd. however, there are a lot of women who act and think in the same ways as those guys. in fact, it's more common and totally socially accepted for women to do those things.

The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do.---Captain Jack Sparrow

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