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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

Originally Posted by captain jack View Post
i think this demonstrates a point about this thread. i think that everyone is totaly focused on the title but, i seriously have my doubts that very many actually read the review of the book linked to in the original post.

the writer of the review also made this big over blown issue about the title. but, their review of the actual book tells a different story as can be seen in this quote from the review:

"That breezy writing style is subversive- without directly spelling it out, First Mate Smith makes it clear who really runs a boat... which maybe why a First Mate is often more correctly known as The Admiral

If you've just bought a boat or are considering a boat purchase, this is a good place for new boaters of both sexes to start.

Just get past the cover."

i highlighted one section of the review because it seems to totally negate any sexism some people might read in the title. in fact, i might go a bit farther and say that that statement shows that THE review was actually a little sexist...against men.

on an ironic point, the review, which was a big rant about sexism, pointed out calling the woman 'the admiral' as a positive thing when some posters, here, tried to say it was a sexist name that was really poking fun at women. i guess the folks out looking to find isms everywhere forgot to compair notes about what constitutes an ism.

it sould also be noted that a woman, not a man, is the author of the book. also, it's subtitle indicates it as a book intended for, or at least aimed at, women.

so many posters have aimed their guns at how sexist male sailors are but, this isn't a book written by a man. in fact, i can't think of one sailing book that is written by a man (that i have ever seen) that is sexist in title or content, in any way...and i have a lot of old sailing books. when i first taught myself to sail (through reading internet...and putting what i read into practice), i bought used books because of cost and a lot of them were written in the 60s and 70s. i was given one new book as a gift.

so, even back then, male sailors were not writing sexist sailing books. it took a woman to write the book (with a supposedly sexist title) that started this entire thread off.

it should be noted, if you read the review you will discover that it's author has a huge case of chip on shoulder. the first half of the review is a rant at how sexist sailing is; all of boating actually. the title really set the author of the review off... only to end up giving it a very good and positive review because, not only was there nothing sexist about the book but, it was a good book.

the trouble with walking around with a chip on your shoulder is that you take offense at just about everything even if there is nothing offensive intended or implied.
Jack, no offense but I only have time to skim the long posts. I get the jist though, that sexism doesn't exist for you. I'm ok with that.

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