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Re: Spicy!

First, you don't use them when you cook so lose them.
Second, their current potency depends how well the spices were prepared and stored. So in many cases after few years they might be useless or even worse, gives a dish a bad taste.
Third, in reality one doesn't need a lot is spices for good dishes.

Personally at home I only have few :
Himalaya pink salt that I ground when I need it.
Pepper black and other variations all together that I ground when I need.
Good quality organic Cayenne pepper which I actually use in teas and juices as much as I use in food.
Ground Curcuma which I also use in both cooking and teas if I don't have the fresh available.
Ground Ginger again using in both cooking and teas if I don't have the fresh available. The fresh variation also stays well in a cooler for months in a plastic bag.

So you end up with 5 things that could cover you for a lot. And also the last three are also with great health benefits and fit perfectly with cold or hot temperatures. As long as they are not old/expired and poorly stored.

If you would end up fishing I would certainly add dry thyme to the list. Thyme goes well with so many things. All simple straight forward cooking.

Hope this helps.

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