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Re: Need Audio Amp -Bluetooth Direct to Speakers

"how to bluetooth stream direct to speakers via a standalone bluetooth audio amp."
You're the odd man out here. No one does it that way.

If you want to stream BT music from a source to speakers, you buy something like the Jambox that Mainesail mentioned. There are hundreds of "Bluetooth speakers" on the market from $10 Shenzhen specials to $300 Bose speakers. The amp is always built in, and that's just the way it is done.

Done on land, rarely on boats. If I was offwatch and had to listen to music all night from the cockpit, I'd kill someone. That's why people use earbuds, either wired or BT and usually wired to the music player in their pocket, whether that's a cell phone or ipod. They're NOT going to go below to change the tunes.

And you can easily find BT receivers that allow any earbuds to be plugged in. Speakers? No. It just ain't done that way on boats.

Arguably, the night watch especially should not be listening to music. Sure, it passes the time away. It also ensures they can't hear a thing when they also can't see a thing, and that's just not a sharp watch.
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