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Re: Carb Problem?

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
Rebuilding a carb is more like watchmaking than general mechanic work. And even carb shops seem to screw them up more often than not. A whole new carb can be expensive, but if you can get a "major overhaul kit" for the carb, that's often ~$100 and with a gallon of gumout and an afternoon of patience you can put it back in new condition.

The overhaul kit usually includes detailed instructions, Some drill bits of wire gauges and a small steel ruler to make adjustments precisely are required, nothing exotic. Some needles or fine brushes to clean out the passages, all easily procured. The hardest part is just being patient and methodical. Take the phone off the hook, use some boxes or bags so the small parts can't run away, and take pix with a cell phone or digicam if there's any doubt about how a stack of things go together.

When it is done, if everything is rosy again, you keelhaul the alleged mechanic.
Good points. I have been successful at doing what you described many times.
Had I known the Evinrude carb was $400 I would have pulled the old carb & brought it home with me for a try. But, due to distance & logistics, I just bit the bullet & ordered a new one.

You really don't have much to lose by trying a re-build/cleaning first, except you won't know if it worked until you re-install & test it, which takes time.
A new carb should work properly right out of the box, needing only low speed mixture & idle speed adjustment, as compared to a couple of hours "cleaning" it.

I like to lay out the parts, "up" side up, in sequence from left to right, in order of dis-assembly, on a large, clean towel to be reversed on assembly. Even if you have a good parts diagram or a good shop manual, good, close up digital pictures would be a big help. Suggest you "go slow" & be gentle. Some carbs have small spring loaded "check balls" most difficult if they spring out onto the floor.

Paul T
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