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I have to agree. Most don't have the same passion. Sure they will go out for a nice day sail for three or four hours in a gentle breeze and on a flat lake, but when the wind and waves build, or there is the threat of the possiblity of some rain, they run for cover.
Ask them to stand a midnight watch on a cold spring new moon pitch black no star night, and again they are no where to be found.
Ask them if they want to sleep in a protected bay while at anchor and they will ask you where the closest holiday inn is located.
I can't explain it, I know who you feel, I have the same addiction that you do.
Just yesterday, I asked my wife if she wanted to run by West Marine.
"What do you need from West Marine?" was her reply.
"Nothing," was the only answer I could give. " I just wanna go look."
"Your addicted," she says.
Now remeber, our boat is high and dry and will be for the next five months.
I just wanted to go look at crap that I don't even need.
"There are worse addictions. I could be a crack addict."

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If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most - E.B. White
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