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Question similar to the "Long Distance Small Boat Sailing", guy

The guy asking for boat advise for his Alaska trip got so much great info from you experienced folks that I am gonna try for the same.

Here is the scenario. I sail in the coastal sounds and rivers in the Beaufort, SC area. We have 8' tides or there about so some fairly brisk currents. Lots of sandbars that like to move around without letting me know about it. Nice beaches to pull up onto. Not too often, but occasionally, storms that blow up quickly. I have lots of experience in small power boats but only one summers worth sailing. I bought a West Wight Potter 15 and am looking forward to spending much more time on the water with no engine noise to spoil it. I LOVE my Potter but she is just a bit cramped with my wife and daughter aboard.

************* I am looking for the perfect boat! *****************

I think that with the number of times I have bumped across sand bars and oyster rakes I need a swing keel, plus there are those beaches. I haven't spent the night on board yet but sure look forward to it, so a reasonably comfy cabin would be nice. I worry I do, about tipping over in cold water and not being able to right, so stable as a keel boat, (without the keel) is on the want list. As I said I am fairly new to the sails and sheets part and I do like to go out alone so something that can be single handed by a not "old salt". I hope to do more than day sail when I have the right boat so room and facilities for a few days aboard. Last but not least - Character! So many of the boats I see on the water look to me like the marine equivalent of bland modern day architecture. My Potter has character. Marshall cat boats have character. In my admittedly very unseasoned opinion the perfect boat would be a Flicka with a swing keel and the same stability.

I know, I know there ain't no such boat but I suspect I will get closer to what I am looking for quicker if I can benefit from the experience of the folks I see posting here.

Oh, the money part. I don't know exactly. I will be selling an old Airstream camper, a Gravely mower, a double wide trailer, maybe another camper and maybe even my beloved Potter so I guess I will have a few thousand to spend. My wife even claims to love me enough to pitch in a bit if needed.

To recap:
Little boat with a big heart.
Bigger on the inside than on the outside.
Stable enough to compensate for my boo boos and to get me through the storm I will someday get caught in.
Easy for a sort of newbie to single hand.
Swing keel.
Self bailing.
Trailerable but roomy enough to spend a few days on with a wife and a teenage daughter.
Lines that make her look like she belongs on the water, that make you smile when you see her.

I repeat, I know the boat I want doesn't exist. I hope for some of your opinions to help me sort through all the choices out there.

Thanks to all,
Charlie and Isa and Bu
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