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Re: Interesting little video

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
I missed this in Aug, very nice vid. Almost too nice for a guy that seems to be living as frugally as indicated. Nevertheless, it's a great forum escape.

I do think about how I would feel if my kids chose that lifestyle. A part of me would be very supportive of them pursuing a dream, being self sufficient, learning something outside the ordinary.

Perhaps my biggest concern would be for catastrophic medical care/insurance, which I assume none of the kids we see in these vids has. The odds are in their favor, but it's life and death, if they come up with the short straw. I had a niece die of ovarian cancer at 26 yrs old. It can happen.

Assuming they got off the train in time to begin to save for a retirement, then doing this young works. I know plenty of people work and stay ashore, but I'm thinking of these kids that just work odd job on their cruise to pay for food and diesel. Sooner or later, everyone will move back ashore, unless you die young.

Well done vid.
Agreed,I always dreamed of retiring early and was able to at the age of 48.I did it responsibly by working 2 jobs,saving my money and building up rental income.8 years later I can tell you it's not the picnic everyone thinks it is.Do I get bored ?YES.Especially in the winter.Do I want to go back to a job ? Absolutely not.It's a Catch 22,you enjoy the freedom,but filling 24 hours a day isn't always easy.Last winter was very harsh,it almost drove me crazy.I think it's the old grass looking greener on the other side effect and these days the stresses on people are much greater so it's easier to see greener grass.I've been lucky to see both sides and I'm glad I did.I think this young man is doing a good thing if he gets this out of his system and once he goes to a normal life he'll look back fondly,maybe unrealistically,on these days.
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