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Re: Interesting little video

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
(I added some spaces to improve your literacy)

You are spot on that its professionally made.

The team behind this are a bunch of up and coming, young-but-not-that-young filmmakers.

Kevin A Fraser has more than 25 pro credits as cinematographer and director, as does his co-producer, his editor and writer... in fact everyone one the film has about 25 credits. Lol

On the first view It looks like a professionally done shoot. But I didnt realise till I saw it again, today, just how professional it is. Using tripods on boats to hold a camera is difficult, but not only does this film, but it also uses special equipment to stabilise the camera.

Ok, so whats my point?
Professional filmmakers just made Hugh Jackman a nasty Blackbeard; they can make you laugh, cry, or scream in terror at their behest. This is a really nice bit of vision, really nicely edited and it pulls the emotional cords and chords its meant to. However its not reality. Its a bit of Hollywood with some straight out of central casting filmmakers cliches. So its best to look at it like that

By the way, there is one fantastic plot hole... And someone here even touched on it... T37Chef mentions it... "I need to help him with his fish fillet skills." .... If anyone has filleted more than 10 fish they do it better than in the film. What? This man cruising without money doesn't even catch his own fish? Has to BUY one from the market? Lol.

Its a lovely video to email to folks back home so they think its how you live... They might even send a few dollars as a Christmas present.
You articulated much better than I the message I was trying to get out.I would also like to add that health issues can and do happen.I was one of the healthiest people you ever met 30 years of work not one sick day.I went years without seeing a Dr.At the age of 53 straight lines became wavy when I looked at them.I was diagnosed with Wet Macular Degeneration.I need medicine injected into my eyes to avoid swift blindness,it's 2000 per shot,I've been given 2 shots in one day.No insurance = no eyesight.It's just some thing
else to consider before chucking at all.
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