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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

Originally Posted by NoQuarter79 View Post
My straight forward answer would be "yes" but I don't think it's is sailing exactly that is sexist. Any field where one gender is the majority over the other is most likely going to have sexism embroidered into that. I had this discussion on another sailing board, despite the original thread not really being about gender. When my fiance and I were on as crew, the skipper had my fiance doing all the "hard stuff" while I felt like I sat there and assisted the men. Obviously you will choose whoever is best suited for the job, and I agree that most men have more upper body strength than most women. But that being said, that does not mean it is necessary to snuff women out of things, because women have fortes that men don't.

If we could all learn to benefit from the opposite sexes' strengths, and combine them as opposed to comparing them, sexism wouldn't be as big of a deal, not only in sailing, but in the rest of the world.
That last paragraph was direct and to the point. The ability to benefit from ALL of the crew must be a major goal. The synergy of a crew can so easily provide for a wondrous experience. A good crew can be so much stronger, so much more able than just the sum of the individual strengths.
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