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Re: Best handheld GPS/Chartplotter under $400?

Originally Posted by CalebD View Post
I happen to like the dedicated GPS units - less complexity but more dependable IMHO.
There are some Garmin models that are closer to $200 which would probably be more than adequate for your purposes.

These often can be found on eBay as well.

My experience with using Navionics software on a tablet tells me it is much more complex than a dedicated GPS unit. The android needs a wifi signal to work, which means that you need a cell phone with a large data plan & you need to be within range of a cell tower.
The android phone and/or the android tablet needs wifi/data streaming to work? What makes the Navionics software on a tablet complex (i have never used it)? It seems like it would be fairly simple with pinch zoom and drag to reposition the view.


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