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Re: Florida is at it again

Originally Posted by H2O-Dave View Post
JE, I am referring to marina costs as one goes down South to the Keys. This Bill, if passed, would drive the costs of a night at a marina even higher, and free anchorages far fewer.
I think those fears might be a bit overstated. I've spent a fair bit of time in the Keys, I doubt something like the 200' setback will affect many, perhaps more than a relatively small number of those squeezed into the margins of a place like Boot Key, or Tarpon Basin...

Originally Posted by H2O-Dave View Post
Contrast..I'm planning to go up near Philly by way of the Delaware river. I have two marinas lined up there that will charge me $21. per night for a week, so my family can visit. Find THAT in Miami or the Keys.
I could be wrong, but I believe there are probably a couple of other factors beyond simple supply and demand that might be driving the discrepancy between transient dockage rates in Miami or Key West, and Philadelphia or other locales on the upper Delaware... :-)

Originally Posted by H2O-Dave View Post
From the picture of your boat, it's a beauty, I have to assume you have $$$.
Thanks for the compliment, but I'm sorry to say you are sadly mistaken regarding the latter... :-)

My boat is invariably the smallest, or certainly among the smallest, pretty much everywhere I go. I tend to cruise in a pretty modest style, might splurge for a marina stay from time to time, but that's generally if my girlfriend is along. When I take my boat south by myself, it will be rare if I have more than a handful of stays in marinas over the entire course of the trip... One of the best things about cruising Atlantic Canada, for instance, is that in the rare event one does have to pay for dockage, the cost is negligible...

Originally Posted by H2O-Dave View Post
Many members don't, I was injured badly in an auto wreck 8 years ago and have been living on disability,1K a month. It's a risk going alone, friends say I'm crazy, one slip up and I'll be incapacitated, frozen in pain. Sailing, I wish, but will likely put-put along on the motor, no mast or sails. And if I can't find free anchorage often, I can't go. Please sir, remember that many who love the water, are not as fortunate as you. and what is insanely expensive to me, is probably nothing to you. It takes all kinds of people to make up this big, big world. And each of us must push ourselves to attain our goals, whatever they may be, if we are to have a reason to stay above ground.

My best to you,
No worries, you'll do fine heading north, you'll find no shortage of free anchorages the entire way... You might want to pick up a copy of Skipper Bob's Guide to Anchorages on the ICW. I think it's probably the most comprehensive anchorage and 'free dock' guide out there, that guy didn't miss anything, and the entries are usually written with regards to access to shoreside conveniences, grocery shopping, and so on... It's a no-frills guide, but very useful...

It's a wonderful trip, you're in for a treat... good luck, enjoy, and my best to you, as well...

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