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Re: Florida is at it again

In the end. If this passes, word will spread about where they enforce it or not. I doubt that many police forces are going have the manpower to bother this "domestic type call" I mean really fat cat homeowner does not want a boat obscuring his view! Talk about 1st world problems.... The officer gets to choose between that or the domestic violence call.... I think we know what will be chosen.

A previous poster did state that the waterways are like th highways, so I'm not sure if its enforceable. afterall you cannot expect anyone to make all of florida without stopping.
maybe they should make marinaa state subsidized, since this where everyone will have to go.

They would have been better just stating that you cannot anchor more than say 48hrs.
then you have to move a mile along your route etc..

that seems more reasonable. but I believe this is for boats that sit and sit and sit and never move.

I think its unenforceable for the traveling boat.

they should amend it stating that those looking to rest overnight or fleeing a storm or making major repairs are exempt.

I know I'll be ignotring it.
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