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Re: Canning Your Food

Originally Posted by travlineasy View Post
Yes, bacon is usually cured, both sugar and salt cured, then smoked and will last for many, many months. Salt pork was a staple of life for the Union and Confederate armies of the United States during the US Civil War. It was usually carried in a pouch and not refrigerated. It did, however, go rancid after a few months of being transported in a canvas pouch, but this was mainly from contamination as the troops waded through swamps and forded rivers, thereby washing off the salt and allowing various forms of bacteria to infiltrate the meat. So, they just cooked it longer to kill the bugs, then soaked their hardtack biscuits in the grease to make them more palatable.

Many years ago, when I was a young kid in the US Navy, I frequently hitchhiked home along US Route 17 and 301 from Norfolk to Baltimore. Along the way I often saw signs for sugar cured hams and bacon, and those hams and bacon slabs were displayed by hanging them on twine and suspending them from a wooden beam in the stores. One day I decided to buy a slab of bacon and a large ham. The taste was incredible.

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Yes, I have had dry cured, and hung hams and they are really good, but I have not seen dry cured bacon in 30 years or so. Not sure if you can buy it anymore. Hams yes, but I imagine they would not do much for your blood pressure.

Welcome to the 21st century.
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