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Re: Canning Your Food

I grew up canning with my dad. I'm growing a garden right now specifically to can enough food to last me until next summer. I've got enough tomatoes going to make spaghetti sauce, salsa, whole and crushed canned tomatoes (great for soups), canned green beans, peas, potatoes (if kept in a cool, ventilated place, red potatoes will keep six months without doing anything to them. Yukon Golds last a little less time). I've got squash to can, cucumbers for pickles, tons of peppers to dry, to grind into paprika, chili powder, jalepeno powder (by the way, the best chorizo I've ever had was something I made, using homemade jalepeno powder in place of crushed red pepper. The taste was ten times better!) Also have onions and garlic. I might even get a few more chickens to cut them if I can come up with a decent way to can them. I know you can buy canned chicken in stores just like canned tuna and other fish. I think I'll make some basic soups from chicken and veggie stock and can those too.

On his first voyage, Captain Cook took ten pounds of onions for every man on board, and twice that amount of potatoes I think. Onions are a super food and carry a lot of antioxidants and build the immune system. I'll try to do the same since I eat a lot of onions. I also plan on doing a little gunkholing and devoting several days periodically entirely to gathering food like oysters, mussels, clams, crabs, fish, etc. I think I could steam crabs, oysters, and mussels, put them in a light salt brine, and can them aboard, so long as I bring a pressure cooker with me. I also want to transition my home brew to brewing aboard. Being able to brew a beer that is craft brew quality for $2.50 a six pack is hard to beat. And it's fun and gives you something to do.
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