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Re: Anyone buy laminate sails from China Sails?

If that is a new loft with unknown owners, unknown managers, and production in China? I'd be scared. Laminates don't always hold together (in sails or anything else) and it is too easy for a supplier to cheat on the glue, or someone inexperienced to mess up the lamination (time, temperature). I don't know that shipping a sail back to "southern China" for a remake would be convenient, and despite two (!) Chinese restaurants in Massachusetts somehow also being called "China Sails"...

I think the loft calls itself "China Sails Factory" fwiw.

The question being who stands behind the company, and are they really cheap enough to make an unknown worthwhile? (And of course, can you put it on a credit card to add their warranty protections.)

WRT product quality and materials? Ask the Gore-Tex people how much "genuine Gore-Tex" clothing, made in China and sold on eBay, has been counterfeit. Mostly all of it, because it is too easy to mislabel cloth. I'd have major reservations, unless the new owners included Mother Teresa. [sic]
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