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Re: Sailing with excess brain power

In all honesty, engineers aren't typically considered to be people persons and they do love their details. A pediatrician and an ER doc don't get as detailed in their jobs and spend about 5 minutes at a time on a patient (usually).

So you have an extraordinary detailed person teaching a couple of doctors who likely have some ADD. All three are intelligent people but perhaps there's a conflict in teaching and learning styles.

People will start with the details first when explaining something and get frustrated when the other person stands there with their mouth open. But they aren't explaining things in the best way for the other person to learn. Adults process new information better when given a more generalized description before going into the details. Paint with a broad brush then switch to detailing. I'm harping on the teaching because the "teacher" had two "students" and neither of them were understanding things. So perhaps it was the teacher?

I've got some sort of grasp on it, but if someone started off with specific fluid dynamics, laminar flow, etc then my eyes would glaze over while thinking "Where are they going with this?"

Just my two cents. Spend it wisely.

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