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Re: Sailing with excess brain power

From my experience in many years of civil engineering school and graduate work in the same, plus management and finance, my observations were that just because you had a degree in something or advanced degrees in something, did not make you a teacher of said subjects.

My general theory is that if you are brilliant in a subject or a profession, you may not have the ability to explain the subject matter to persons of lesser intellectual capabilities. Many of my most effective teachers in life were not PHDs or the like; but people who had the god given talent to explain something to someone.

Once had a physics prof for second semester physics, electromagnetism or some such nonsense. He had previously only taught PHD candidates. Most of us were civil majors (electricity and electromagnetism, what the hell was he talking about). He could not relate to us "dummies", or explain the concepts very well at our level. Eighty students started the class, about 20 of us finished: one A, two Bs, a couple of Cs, the rest Ds and Fs. I squeaked through with a D, so I passed. The only class in high school or college that I knew more at the start of the semester, and after taking the final...or was that differential equations.
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