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re: Privacy considerations for ignorant powerboaters

Originally Posted by RichH View Post
Oh come one now !!!!!! if one gets severely waked on the AICW, 99% of the time its a New Jersey Boat and usually its a BIG 'sport fisher', ('cept JonEberg, of course). :-o
In NJ, its probably in their DNA to wake 'everyone and everything', especially in the NJ inlets - just like driving the ever-courteous NJ turnpike. Everyone there does this (including and especially the water cops); and therefore, a severe waking should be 'EXPECTED' anywhere near NJ.
So, its probably a widely accepted 'cultural thing' endemic to NJ.

This is Nih-Jezzey, Viva Yo!!!!!
(and where a middle finger salute is always optionally appropriate)

Well, Jersey cant hog all the credit my fellow boaters on south shore Long. Island can be unbelievable. Sunday headin back in a north south cut I had several 26-34' powerboats over take me within 30' pulling most of the available water with them few slow down at all some slow down enough to maximize wake a few know their boats well enough to get on plane and bear off courteously. Two larger boats saw me clutching air horn and slowed down with a wave .Nice to know there are some who still know out there. As long as my sails are full I surf the first wave then bear up into the next trough. One time someone came within 18 ft in light air and I nearly broached onto the adjoining bar. Bloody people do not think.[emoji569]

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