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re: Privacy considerations for ignorant powerboaters

I had an interesting conversation with a state water cop on Barnegat Bay a couple of seasons ago. A guy bought a new sport fishing boat on Forked River just up stream from our marina and was routinely throwing a two foot wake into all the docked boats downstream early every Sunday morning when he headed out. He would actually scream at back at the people on the dock that his boat "couldn't go any slower" and laugh as he was going by. At this point a couple of people had had minor damage.

The state cop told me they couldn't do anything because the incidents were taking place when they had no one on duty (don't ask). He said the procedure was to take down the boat's numbers, then go to the local PD and file a "reckless operation" complaint. The owner would then be compelled to show up in court, and if found guilty they'd be liable for any damages. The person swearing out the complaint would also be required to show up in court.

He said he'd mention it to one of the locals to have a chat with the guy. I assume he did because the waking stopped right after that.

Depending on how pissed you are and what side of the river it happened on, you might consider going to the local PD. But if Philly would have jurisdiction I don't think I'd waste my time.

Best of luck

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