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charge voltage.

I seek advice about my charging set up on a Sabre 426 mk II. After a full day of sailing using the auto pilot, electronics including radar, etc. our charging system delivers between 3.4 and 3.9 volts to our Odyssey batteries (1 starter bank and one 4X battery house bank). The system has a manual combiner switch that we leave in the off position and an automatic charging relay that combines the two banks. The charging system is a Balmar 614 and 100 amp alternator. The Balmar 614 is programed for AGM as recommended by Odyssey. Except when cruising or day sailing, the boat is on a shore charger that delivers 14.6 volts until it reaches the float stage. When we take the boat off the shore charger and start the engine, the Balmar system charges initially at 14.3 volts but as expected soon switches to float. What I donít understand is why it does not charge at 14.3 volts when motoring after drawing amps from the battery while sailing. Iím especially concerned that we will potentially damage the battery because of the low bulk phase voltage (the 614 display indicates ďbulkĒ phase with a capacity of 14.3 volts) but the actual charging voltage is typically 3.4-3.9 volts. Is this normal or is it possible that something else is wrong i.e a defective ACR?
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