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Originally Posted by TakeFive View Post
Originally Posted by RichH View Post
All those little 'modest fees and taxes' do tend to add up in federal/state/county/local venues to an 'unbelievable' total.
In Pennsylvania, as with similarly grossly over-taxed states, one must understand that when one's total and combined taxes, plus pass-along taxes (from purchases, etc.), approaches 2/3rd's of one's income, people tend to resort to the black/underground market and outright/overt illegality.
Although not the worst in total tax coercion, Pennsylvania's (plus federal/county/local) massive combined and hidden pass-along taxes (from goods and services purchased) ... is now approaching/impending towards 60-65% of an average family's income. Many many of the Pennsylvanians who live near any other state border and to save what income that is not already diverted to TAXES, will do their shopping for large (but carryable) ticket items; buy their automotive fuels, liquor, tobacco, etc. etc. in the bordering states that have significant tax advantages to do so. To enjoy "boating" is no different. Pennsylvania will probably soon become similar to already severely de-populated ('upstate') New York and other ravenous TAX-hungry (utterly decaying 'rust-belt', etc.) states.
This whole thread exemplifies how the various states that are approaching bankruptcy/insolvency due to malfeasance, misfeasance, graft, corruption, revenue fund transfer to special interests, etc. etc. - tend to 'squeeze' any and all possible tax revenue out of its citizens (aka: indentured tax serfs), as all a state has to do is cheaply pass a law, require yet one more modest fee 'registration', etc. etc. etc.
When the average person pays more of income for taxes including 'hidden and pass-along taxes' than one keeps for themselves, who can morally blame those who take advantages of the grey-market and other illegality to keep themselves satisfied and 'afloat'.

Also dont forget that currently ~40% of all workforce aged citizens in this country are NOT in the 'workforce', and still must pay their 'fair share'.
He does. Luckily he only wins off cycle elections and at a startling low margin otherwise you'll be paying out of pocket for school and the coast guard, too.
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