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Shaft Coupling Stuck to Transmission Flange

I'm in the middle of removing my universal 5411 engine mated to a hurth transmission, and have a pressing (ha-pun!) question before I lose the community dock to the Labor Day weekend. Everything is off the engine - except that the prop shaft and its coupling are still connected to the transmission flange, even though I've removed the four bolts connecting the coupling to the transmission flange. The packing nut is all the way loose and leaking water when I wriggle the engine (the shaft is moving because it's still somehow connected to the transmission), but I can't push the prop shaft coupling and shaft back from the transmission, or move the engine forward with the two still locked together. Knowing that transmissions are surprisingly fragile and unsurprisingly expensive, I don't want to force anything. The eight hours of internet searching all make this seem easy (e.g. remove four bolts, loosen the packing nut, and slide it on back!), with the issues arrising when people need to remove the coupling from the shaft - but this is not my problem. I want to leave the coupling attached to the shaft, but just remove the coupling from the transmission so I can lift the engine to take the head off.

Here is a picture of the coupling and transmission connection, I've removed the four bolts shown in the picture already:

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, and thanks!
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