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Swinging Boom, How do you stop it????

I will side with Koko on this one. And give you another thought from those of us who have experienced both the embarrassements and successes of sailing. Some of the people I depend on the most over 26 years of being on the water are those who still give me crap about getting knocked on my backside. As a general rule you and I and everyone else will always be stupid, it just depends on what you talk about. I know about respiratory and metabolic acidosis and alkylosis. If you ask me about wether you need to mount a backing plate for a bow pulpit that pulled itself out of the fiberglass I am going to ship you off to bigRed or somebody with his level of experience. I know now, not a month ago but I am still going to ship you off. Just because someone gives you random crap, does not mean they will not be there to pull you off a sand bar. They will give you crap for the rest of your life, but they will be there. I may suffer the same fate as you for an incorrect paraphrase but I believe what bigRed was indicating in his own sweet way, was that you have an instructor, paid or unpaid, his responsibility is to make himself understood. I have never met anyone who has not knocked themselves in the head, I probably wouldn''t sail with them if they hadn''t. I have never learned quite as much quite as fast as being knocked on my backside in front of spectators.
Bottom line. We were not there, the best we can offer is speculation. The instructor would have known what the wind conditions were, wether there was a current present as you cleared the pier, the tide, where the tiller was or the wheel position, what the apparent wind was. The sailing community is kind of like the water itself. It has moods and tudes, it is not always embracing, but even in its fury there will always be something to appreciate about it. Enough of my babbling. Get out there and sail. But do not judge the experience levels of people by wether they give you crap or not.
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