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Re: Broad reach close reach COB procedure

Originally Posted by jackdale View Post
I prefer these two methods for upwind and downwind MOB's

a) It can be done easily by one person.
b) There is usually no need to adjust sails.
c) The sails are always under control. There are no flying clews or sheets.
d) The MOB is always on the same side of the vessel and kept in sight.
e) If unsuccessful, just come around again.
f) The MOB can be reached on most vessels by lying on the deck and grabbing them. I retrieved a TV antenna off Cape Scott in this manner.)
g) Works exceptionally well with a life-sling.

I have just completed the second image, and am looking to improve it. Any suggestions.
Jack, I don't know about using the term "heave to." There may not be time or crew to perform the tasks to heave to. Maybe just "boat in irons" or similar idea to indicate boat depowered and drifting toward OB person. Maybe an engine start as well to adjust while drifting, which can be difficult to predict. Then an engine off step once it becomes obvious that you're going to intersect the OB.

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