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Originally Posted by capta View Post
Originally Posted by hpeer View Post
I'm sitting on the Rhode River, just South of Annapolis. We are here for the SSCA Gam. No getting anywhere better for us. Whatever happens I'll be sitting here in the boat. A real nice hurricane hole. Feeling a bit smug about the great big honking anchor about now, and the brand ne 3/8" G3 chain. I've got the snubber at the cut water so I'll have 10/1 scope at worst.

Still, last night we had wind gusts to 32 knots. That was just a big thunderstorm.

We rode out Irene on the boat and only missed Sandy because we had a very important meeting. But we stayed with the boat as long as we could and put a lot of effort into preps. In a way things are more benign here. At the marina the big worry is the floating docks coming off the pillings. Got close on both Irene and Sandy. That would have made a real mess.
IF this thing comes ashore a high cat 2 or higher, I would seriously suggest you do not try and ride it out aboard your boat.
You can't possibly imagine what it would be like and you certainly can not change your mind half way through.
There may be roofs, electric power pole transformers flying through the air, not to mention corrugated tin, and other projectiles that your vessel just won't protect you from.
In the SoPac when the big storms would threaten, we would move as far from human habitation as we could and even secure the booms in the scuppers, to lessen the windage. A gust can put your spreaders in the water or foul it with another vessel if you are at a dock (or rafted up), possibly losing both rigs. We used layers and layers of carpet for chafe gear, and at times even that just wasn't sufficient.
Sometimes, it is another vessel dragging down on you that will put you in the most peril.
It will be pretty much the same as getting in the ring with a professional boxer when all you've ever done was high school wrestling.
Just food for thought.
I've seen first hand what Sandy did at a cat 1 with this same track. If it gets THAT bad my options are leave her in the slip or haul it. If it's just a major surge and wind, I'll go ride with out with the shoring technique mentioned above. While she is my baby, she's just a boat and can be replaced. Im not going to risk my life or the lives of others to try and save her and I hope others follow my mentality. I stayed too long on the barrier island trying to defend my home and taking my time and I came damn close to being in a seriously bad situation. Luckily my F350 had 36 inch tires on it because even with that I ended up driving through water that even below my door was pushing me sideways. When that happened the mandatory evacuation hadn't even taken effect.
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