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Re: Florida is at it again

This has some parallel with the gun rights debate. "All my guns are protection guns so don't bother me with the issues with the bad guys" For me there's nothing more representative of the freedom of life than a sailboat, but anchor a crap pile broken down Junker in my view for a couple of weeks and my view will change. What I'm saying is as Boat owners we have a responsibility to observe and help police the derelicts in the mix. IMHO free navigation wins but what would a listening man hear in this argument.
If this is not part of the issue forgive me, but anyone who travelled to KW 30 years ago and enjoyed Houseboat row understands however unique and interesting it was it had to go.
I understand air Boats are being banned on personnel level from the Glades, I think excluding commercial air Boating. I would assume they are reacting to a problem as they see it.
200' seems pretty close to anchor to anything especially someone's house. At least when Miami is underwater we will still be floating.
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