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Re: Florida is at it again

Originally Posted by chrisncate View Post
Finally, someone who gets it.

Before someone pops an oxygen bottle hose and keels over, I am kidding. On a serious note though, perhaps one of the villains the cruiser set might want to set their sights on is Captain Onions and his derelict 27' 1978 Hunter who in the process of "getting away from society and being, like free man!", takes up residence in front of some contributing member of societies multi million dollar waterfront home ruining it for the rest of you.

Scratch that, Captain Onions is alright. Just misunderstood and a little stinky. Perhaps it was simply one too many noisy wind gens that finally galvanized the 1% to fight for legislation. Who can really tell.. point is there is more than one side to this debate...
No doubt, homeless people, low life's, and bums are unpleasant to look at where ever the are found, but restricting the rights of transient cruisers in the name of stomping out this problem is like restricting commuters from stopping at rest stops because someone saw a homeless person living in their car.

It reminds me of the sixties when all of our public pools had to be closed right after intergration was ordered because they all suddenly had severe maintainence problems and were too expensive to fix. It kept the blacks out of those neighborhoods for sure, but I sure missed having a pool to go swim in. But, it was never about discrimination, you see. The pools all simply broke at once.

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