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Re: Florida is at it again

I am in Florida and you are wasting time if you think things will change. Find another place to anchor. Pretty simple and not a lot of effort. This may be a bit inconvenient; just remember that sailors created the problem for sailors--not home owners. If you want to unite, unite against cruising folks being irresponsible. Florida homeowners are simply responding to the small percentage of sailors who do not have the foresight to understand how their behavior might affect others.

This is no different than having some rust bucket truck, car or mobile home park in front of your home and get left there. You cannot find the owner. Or, if you do, they ignore you. Would you put up with that? The street is not your property, but it would still aggravate you to no end. And, it could affect the perceived value of the area. Most cruising folks and liveaboards are outstanding. But, there are always going to be low-life liveaboards. It takes just a few to cause problems like this.
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