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Re: Florida is at it again

Originally Posted by UnionPacific View Post
Agreed. As a fat middle age man with a gun I prefer the south.
I gotz me a Bible, a God, a gun, a dog, and freedom. This is why the civil war happened, people from up north thought they knew better.
The bad news, for you, is the north has turned their guns into welfare cash, so the south will win this one. Enjoy sailing in the snow. FWIW Bahamas is cool with guns too, so don't go there neither. I hear Venezuela is nice in the winter, and no guns!
Ever hear of sarcasm?

My point is that the casual racism of Group 9's comment has no place on Sailnet or anyplace else, for that matter.

Every group has its good and bad people -- white, black, Asian, Jewish, Arab and everyone else. Making offensive comments about an entire ethnic group based on the actions of a few is ignorant.

You want to say bad things about black people? It's easy enough to say equally awful things about white people and every other ethnic group, based on the behavior of some members of the group.

For another example, people could be complaining about the poor Southern whites who comprise most of the people living on derelict boats and are largely causing the anchoring problems in Florida. But they're not.

That is the point of my post.

Also, by the way, the only reason most of the Southern states are not part of the Third World is that Washington sends them many billions of Northern tax dollars every year to help compensate for the widespread poverty among white and black residents. Only Texas and Florida pay their own way.

You could look it up, if you read.
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