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Greenman....... and others,

Your location is SASKATCHEWAN. Val, do you want to tell these people that this is in the middle of Canada, and not even close to an ocean?

Option # 1 seems to be a well thought out plan. You really should get on a boat, and get your admiral on a boat, before you buy a really nice boat to sail off into the sunset. There are many "sail off into the sunset" boats available in Mexico where the Southern Calif. wannabe cruisers ended up selling them a few thousand miles later! Sailing a boat is not a great thing for some folks, living on a boat is one of those 1% options when you get to the bottom line. If you are confident in those odds, you can gamble just south of the border. Bet big and go now!

You can buy the end all boat, which you may find you NEVER sail, but you are going to spend your kitty flying to get to it. There is some big water way north in Saskatchewan, and much more available in Manitoba, but no matter what you will need to travel. You also only have a few month season that far north.

With six years, at least TRY sailing and weekends on a small boat before you invest your future in a boat you may not be able to sell. Do that for a year, spend a few weeks on a charter in someplace warm in February (you deserve it living that far north), and see if you LIKE it. If you both don't LOVE it, don't do it.

I LOVE to sail. My wife LIKES to sail. I could live on a boat a few months a year, but I have no desire to have it as my home. My wife? A week at a time a couple of times a the most! She is a good sport about it. We have survived 40 years of marriage because I spent 30 of them traveling half the time. My deciding to live on a boat would either extend the marriage forever or end it immediately.

Don't mean to burst your bubble....but TRY IT....hopefully you like it! Plus you have to get home in time to keep your insurance alive and well.
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