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Giulietta, the wife has done this post for you guys.


this is very easy and simple and there is nothing to it..I am embarrassed. sorry.

You will need:

1) 330 grams of warm water, around 37Deg C - that is 11.7 ounces of water at 98.6 Deg F.
2) 2 small tea spoons of salt, some people prefer a saltier bread some don’t, add more if you want, don’t exaggerate.
3) 40 grams of bread yeast, that is 1.41 ounces (use yeast for baking bread only)
4) 500 grams of flour, that is 17.63 ounces of flour

Mix everything with only half of the flour (250 grams, or 8.81 ounces), making sure that all the ingredients are well mixed and well diluted.

After all is well mixed, add the remaining flour, and re-mix very well. It will take you almost 10 minutes of mixing, over and over…please, make sure you do this.

Let the dough rest for half hour, so it raises and …………(I don’t know the name of the word in English, but means the work the yeast does, in making the bread grow).

Make sure you have pre-heated the oven at least 430 Deg. F.

Place the bread in a large lump, and bake evenly, until the crust starts to brown lightly. Baking times depend on the oven and your patience.

After the bread comes out of the oven, still hot and steaming, cut a few slices, and apply a generous quantity of butter, preferably salt butter.

You may also rub half a tomato, before applying the butter. Another good idea is to pre mix butter and garlic..yummy..

Eat bread, at the end of the afternoon, with a room temperature soft tannin red wine.. enjoy

Bye bye

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