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You don't mention if you intend to tie up at a marina or live on the hook. Obviously, if you plan to live on the hook, or tied up to a mooring ball, you will have an entirely different set of challenges to deal with. I will assume that you plan to take the marina route.

Marina living on a boat is not all that much different than living on land, only MUCH smaller. You will be forced to decide what personal possessions you have room to keep and what you have to get rid of. Talk about downsizing your life! Think about it like you're going camping, but with a much nicer and bigger tent.

Most marinas offer water and electricity (and even cable tv) at each slip, so life aboard won't be overly difficult. What you will have to get used to, other than the close quarters, is having to use communal heads and showers, and trying to avoid filling your holding tank too frequently. I say this because in most places I've visited, you have to bring the boat to the pumping station. It won't come to you. It will become a real PITA to move your boat every time your 30 gallon holding tank gets full.

Refrigeration (or lack of same) will affect your food purchases. Without a decent freezer, you will find yourself food shopping much more frequently. You'll probably consume more alcohol than you're used to. After all, all those beautiful sunsets you'll be watching from your cockpit will look much more splendid with a rum & tonic in your hand.

Finally, you will become a lot more conscious of the weather. As hurricane season approaches you will have to take extra precautions to secure your boat and come up with a evacuation plan if it becomes necessary to head for high ground. Although this is not a very big concern in Atlanta, it is in Florida. With this in mind, keep your boat insured, not only for your sake, but for the sake of all the other boaters living around you.

Good luck!
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