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Re: Refurbishing CCA boats

Land- post here or start your own. All good from my standpoint. I'd find it interesting as you go what upgrades/structural things you fix, and that would play in well with the original discussion. I'm sure you'll put more into the boat than you can then sell her for, but I, personally, think that is a specious argument, as any money you put into any boat is probably going to have negative returns. I bet even BOLERO would have trouble getting 60% out of what her refit cost, nevermind the acquisition price. And we've already established the depreciation curve for the new boats, so you're not getting your money out of them either. So the point is more, how long can they last, and how long will you sail them without wanting to 'move up', not what are they worth when you're done.
Read several articles/links Jeff sent with his outline. One very interesting one was a paper looking at GRP strength/lifespan from the early 80s when they were looking into using it for wind turbine blades. They cut open a hull of a patrol boat from the 60s that was 20 + years old at that point, had just been retired from constant coast guard use and it had lost less than 20% strength. Based on that, and the fact that those boats take way more beating than most sailboats, I'd posit that most sailing boats that are GRP from the early to mid 60s are in early midlife of their possible service. Kinda like me.

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