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Re: Examples of cca era sailboats

Originally Posted by dinosdad View Post
On another recent thread about cca era boats and refurbishing them
I realized that not all boats from that era were true "rule beaters" but shared some outward appearances with them. So for the members who have more knowledge than I on the subject( not hard to do) what are some examples of true cca boats that were built to take advantage of the rules? Production boats mainly, the ones I, or others might see on the water. Personally I love the long overhangs and low freeboard of the classic designs and will dinghy around a boat like that in the mooring fields like a eight year old staring at his first contraband playboy.....
The Hinckley B40 is a good example you'll see on the water today. At this point, the design was as much about what was popular as actually beating the rule(which was no longer used). Like some have said, not a fast boat, not a slow boat, a good boat. That's proven: If a design is this popular 60 years on, it's a great boat!

How many boats look good in Pea Green?

The rules influence has long gone, still many of the boats of what we call the CCA era, are still popular.

Another Hinckley, the 35' Pilot. Looks good even on laundry day.

FIDELIO a sistership to FINESSTERRE did start a trend toward beamy, ample(not light-comfortable accomodations) centerboard boats(FINESSTERRE won 3 back to back Bermuda races), mostly yawls(a rating advantage). Several designs are connected.

Alden built the Challenger yawls, a peculiar(I say that with affection-I own one) mix of wood and glass. It wasn't my hat that got me into this calendar.

They don't make them anymore but many of the design elements that that defined the era, like graceful overhangs, lovely low sheerlines, wide decks-to name a few, will not go away.

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