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You really are funny!!
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Re: This is probably a complicated topic, but...

Originally Posted by sneuman View Post
Perhaps I am wrong about having to declare in every port (that's what a marina worker told me, btw). But I believe the story about the undeclared firearm, even though it was second-hand information.
Hi Scott, I see you and Noi are on the road (er, water) and sailing somewhere. I am following your blog to see how it all turns out. Sounds like interesting stuff!

With that said, posting second hand marina talk about Bahamian law, and posting examples like "I know a guy who knows of a guy who"... is very American and probably worth the same amount eye rolls as the American gun stuff from the international travelers around you. Seriously..

You're now breathing the rarified air out (up?) there, time to act like it! (lol, I keed, I keed... but really, marina gossip from a Bahamian dock boy? You were a journalist for god's sakes! Oh the humanity..).

And I am most definitely correct that this issue is primarily one for Americans. I know of three cruisers packing heat aboard and they are all Americans. Cruisers from other countries tend to roll their eyes at this behavior.
How do the international travelers know? How do you know? How does anyone even know anyone is "packing heat" in the Bahamas? What are the details about how you found out about the three chaps packing heat there where you're at? I'm genuinely curious who brought it up and how you know of three Americans carrying in the Bahamas? Do the Americans you know of packing heat there walk around like The Duke daring someone to "make their day"? Were they bragging about it during cocktail hour? Were they asked about it preemptively due to being American? Inquiring minds want to know!

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