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Re: This is probably a complicated topic, but...

Originally Posted by scratchee View Post
OK, somebody help me out here:

In the 30 years since I first learned to shoot, I have heard and used the very common term "long gun" to describe a rifle or shotgun (as opposed to a handgun). But I have recently heard the term "long rifle" used to describe, well, a rifle. Including at least twice in this thread. Now, I STRONGLY SUSPECT that this began with the San Bernardino shootings, when I heard a couple reporters repeat the phrase "long rifle" when referring to law enforcement reports about "long guns" used in the attack. A couple of them even did so hesitantly, as if unsure they were using the right words. The erroneous phrase then appeared to spread far and wide and I have heard it many places since. The only place I had ever heard it prior was in the name of the caliber, ".22 long rifle."


So to bring it back somewhat on topic, if one wants to carry a firearm aboard a boat, they may select either a handgun or a long gun. The long gun may be either a rifle or a shotgun, or in the case of a wooden boat, perhaps a smooth-bore muzzle loader.
As far as I can tell, Shotguns are for some reason still fairly acceptable, and rifles not as much. I think they distinguish between the two for that reason. It's probably the same in the Bahamas I'd imagine, since they are making the distinction as well.
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