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Dry docking a 29' boat (impossible dream?)


I'm wondering about the logistics of affordably dry-docking a 29' boat on the US west coast for a year or so, in an attempt to keep the boat without going through the expense of keeping it in a wet slip. I was hoping some members here have experience with dry-docking and could offer any advice.

So far, the best lead I have is in Marina del Rey (where the boat is currently docked), where they allow dry storage for a boat my size for around $150/month. That would be perfect... except... you need a trailer. Trailers cost around $6K (almost as much as I paid for the boat), and I can't find any used ones. I suppose I could invest in one if I thought it had resale value... which, as of now, I'm unconvinced is true (maybe someone here could shed some light?).

I've called a ton of boat yards, most seem geared toward maintenance rather than long term storage... there was one place in LA willing to take the whole thing on a trailer a couple miles away (what do they do about traffic lights??) to their storage facility... for practically more than what I'd pay for a wet slip.

Alternatively... if there are any anchorages in reasonable sailing distance where I could store it for, say, $200 a month, that might be an option... though it'd be exposed to the ravages of saltwater corrosion without me being there to maintain it.

Maybe this is an impossible dream? My reason for wanting to do this: both my girlfriend and I are very fond of this '76 Ericson 29, my first sailboat, which I've lived on for two years. But we're both sick of LA, and due to her recent leg injury, we can't just sail away. I've saved up money for a long road trip on a travel trailer (taking the land lubber route) but want to hold onto the boat a little longer in case we want to come back to LA. I would sooner deal with the regret of having wasted a couple grand, than the regret of parting with this boat (which we've worked hard on) before we're ready. Unfortunately if I can't figure this out, I'll probably just have to sell it, as a year's worth of wet slip storage in MDR is definitely more than a couple grand.

Any help is much appreciated!

1976 Ericson 29
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