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Re: Dry docking a 29' boat (impossible dream?)

Originally Posted by Bleemus View Post
Find someone with land away from the coast. Offer them $500 year to store it on their property withe promise that if you don't pay for the next year before the first year is up the boat is theirs. Title held in escrow. Buy six boat stands and hire a boat transport company to get it there. Once you get into agricultural areas away from the coast you can always find a farmer with an unused corner of land.
One problem with this- to get the boat from Trailer to stands, one needs a Crane, or around 100 really good and strong Friends. Supply beer.
This may actually become a Topical Subject here; that Real Estate Scum Bill Poland is already evicting the hundreds of boats Dry Sailed at the Alameda Marina, two months after announcing his Condo Creep Plan. (I have it on very good authority that Sean, those who are interested know who Sean is, feels ashamed and betrayed.)
Those boats have to be transported elsewhere, or dumpstered in place. Soon.

There are two types of Trailers for sailboats- Launching Trailers, and Transport Trailers; those last ones are the ones that need the Crane.
There weren't many, if any, Trailers for the Ericson, so one must be fabricated or altered. Boat stands are actually cheap; figure ~$50 each, used.

Why bother? Leave it on the Trailer. Splash the Ericson later, in a more congenial place, and then sell the Trailer.
As Condo Creep occurs, there will be a ready market for used sailboat Trailers. Possibly even a profitable one.

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