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Re: Dry docking a 29' boat (impossible dream?)

I think the sad truth is if you are not going to be there for the whole year, you may be better off selling it now, and buy something else when you can get back to boating. There are lots of things in life that take priority, and they often don't last just a year. If you sell the boat, and put that money in a savings account you may be able to find something bigger/better/nicer/different what ever suits you when the time comes. What I don't see is spending 2200 a year (if you can find a $200 month storage) on a less than $6000 boat just in case in a year things are different. OK things don't change in that year, or the next and now the boat is in shambles after sitting on a mooring (if not sunk) for three years and you have spent $6,600 on storage and a few thousand on miscellaneous stuff and you have to give the boat away, or even worse pay to have it pulled from the harbor and disposed of, so now you are out say $6000 for the boat, $6600 for storage, $2000 in basic maintenance at a minimum and likely another $10,000-30,000 in salvage and disposal. That would have bought a nice boat three years later!

I see it all the time. Nice at one time boat I looked at (I think a C&C 29) that was on Craigslist for a very low price and I talked to him on the phone, he said go ahead and look at the boat it is not locked. He admitted he had not even been to see the boat in over 2 years (and hurricane Sandy had visited in that time). I went to look at the boat and the companion way had blown open (or had been left open by someone) for a couple of years. The outside of the boat looked pretty good but the entire interior was destroyed by two years of weather exposure. A shame because the exterior would have taken just a bit of polish and perhaps a bit of running rigging, but the interior was completely gone, new bulkheads and electric would have cost more than the boat was worth. Just a cautionary tail. There are lots of boats out there when you want one.

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