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Re: Dry docking a 29' boat (impossible dream?)

@Bleemus : That might just be crazy enough to work :] Maybe I'll put out a craigslist ad for it. For some reason it hasn't been consciously occurring to me that there are companies equipped to take this boat and move it wherever there is space to put it. (I still don't get what they do about traffic lights, though. Would my boat need to be de-masted??)

@sharkbait : Thanks for the links! I'll definitely check them out... I'm willing to journey out to a cheaper place if necessary.
@Erindipity : If I find a boat moving company, I'll definitely have to ask them how exactly they plan on getting it from the trailer onto stands. But if trailers really do have resale value, I could consider going with one. I just don't see any used ones online which is a little confusing (maybe it's because they all get bought up immediately?? Who knows). Dropping $6K on something so specific gives me a weird pit-of-the-stomach feeling, but if I can get like $5K back for it later I guess it could be worth it...

@Faster : What do you mean drop the mast? As far as I know my mast is a solid piece of metal going all the way to the bottom of the keel.

@miatapaul & @chuck53 : Now that I think about it I'd definitely rather sell the boat than leave it at the mercy of floating in saltwater unattended. It's dry dock or bust... It's just that selling this boat would leave us both a bit heartbroken, so I'm trying to exhaust every option. Every time I go against my gut instinct in life it comes back to bite me... and I think my gut is telling me to keep the boat. We worked hard to get it cozy, and it has everything we need --- with a new boat we'd have to do it all over again. I'd rather deal with the regret of wasting money than the regret of selling this really great boat we're so attached to.

Granted... my long-term plan is to sell this boat eventually and get a bigger one in the Caribbean. But I decided it would be fine to wait a little while seeing as they haven't quite worked out a vaccine for the Chikungunya virus they have down there now.

Thanks everyone for posting, this community is really helpful!

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