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Re: License question for hams with SSB

Originally Posted by Erindipity View Post
Now, with all of that out of the way, let's answer the questions:

"If you are FCC licensed, do you use your ham call sign, or the ship's station call sign?"
If you are using Ham Gear on the Ham Bands, you use the Ham Call sign. With direct supervision, others may use the rig. If you are using Marine Gear on the Marine Frequencies, you use the Ship's Station Call Sign. Note that during Emergencies, these distinctions melt away, on purpose. The Lessons of the Titanic were learned.

"If you are FCC licensed, do you even need the ship station license?"
Again, there are different kinds of Licenses for different purposes. The Ship's Station License is needed for the communications gear on the Marine Frequencies, on Type Accepted equipment. An Operator's Permit is required to use it. Only one Permit is required; anybody on board can share it.

Thanks, this is how I thought it worked. I was confused by a frequency chart that seemed to imply the marine bands were included in the amateur bands. I see this is not the case.

So if I wanted to use an SSB radio to keep in contact with an onshore location, i.e., home, I would need to use the amateur frequencies and both ends would need someone with a General class license present (to use the frequencies with good DX).

I would also need a rig that was dedicated to non-marine bands since a marine SSB isn't legal to transmit on amateur HF even if it had that capability.

Is that correct?



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