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Re: What's the furthest you've sailed in the smallest boat?

I once took a seakayak on a 300km roundtrip trip from Oslo,Norway to an island (North Koster) in Sweden. The trip was 12 days total (7 down the fjord and 5 back up it) with camping on the coast each night. It wasn't terribly difficult if you showed good seamanship - hugging the coast when appropriate; never crossing large bodies or congested waters at known busy times of the day; and stopping off along the coast when tired or hungry. It's all relative when in either large or small boats. I sorta cheated though on the way back up Oslofjord. I had made a 9 square meter triangular sail out of spinnaker cloth that I propped up ( 2 sticks in sleeves on the sides) in front me to sail home. It was a hoot because the winds are always from the South in the summer. I could drop the sail or reef it by rolling it up in strong gusts and sail cross wind. The worst part of the trip was the knuckleheaded motorboaters that would zoom passed to check me out. It was a wonderful trip though.

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