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Re: In Praise of Crealocks

I don't know all the details of boat design, but my belief is that Crealock designed my boat (a Pacific Seacraft 37) to actually be a great sailboat. I know that's obvious, but many of the newer designs, especially the cheap boats, don't seem to be intended to actually be, well, boats. A sailboat has to sail, of course, but it also has to do it in a range of conditions, including the worst (if it's an offshore boat). My boat's cutter setup makes this possible; the boat can be balanced in any conditions (at least that I have experienced). A good boat also has to be comfortable at sea, again in all conditions (well, a point comes in a storm where comfort becomes survival). And it has to be safe in all conditions. I believe that my boat is designed for all of that AND built to meet those requirements. Anyone who has worked on these boats knows how well made they are, especially compared to the cheap boats (Beneteau, etc.). My only complaint about my Pacific Seacraft 37 is that it's not a Pacific Seacraft 44 -- but I'm not a very rich person, so that's out.

I don't know if anyone noticed, but if you follow the link in Periwinkle's post you'll find a Pacific Seacraft 37 for sale (in Hong Kong):

I can attest that the PS37 is a very nice boat. It's a boat that Crealock could be proud of -- and I'm sure that he was.

And as some have suggested, the company is great in answering questions and giving help. I don't know if it's because they care about us owners or hope that this is good for business in the long term. I don't care; it's just great to have such service. That makes a Crealock built by Pacific Seacraft worth much more than the vanilla-brand boats.

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