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How does a boat break free of its moorings?

I came here looking for advice on whether to go with a boat lift, or not, and saw the thread on "Damaged Catalina 25". Our condo is rebuilding our dock and now is the time for me to choose wisely regarding dock options as follows…

4 pilings - $1,630

New 10,000# lift - $4,800

Walkway - $820 (option)

Stern Platform - $650 (option)

Not sure if the stern platform even works with my boat and what its use would be to me.

I'm getting advice that goes both ways. Don't do the lift. Do the lift. What would you do, and why? Why not is equally good.

The current lift pilings are about 10' apart. My "new" boat ('81 C-25 sk) maxes out our current association rule that states boats cannot exceed 25' as determined by boat registration.

If I go no lift, is it worth $1,630 to widen the distance between pilings and give the option to my kids on my death to put a lift on those pilings at a later date? If the extra width doesn't help me in the here and now I'm inclined to stick with the current pilings at 10'. I'm unlikely to ever have a boat with a beam greater than 9'. I'm likely not going to get me a different boat period.

The other side of this coin is putting in a lift to avoid ever having boat break it's moorings. I'll be away from my boat for perhaps as long as 5.5 months continuously. Would my setup be safer for both me and my slip neighbor with the lift. What about convenience and boarding. We are getting discounted lift rates if we opt to do the work of our dock rebuild. Basically any day now.

The dock level is getting raised by 12".

How many pilings are vital to getting this right? Should I keep some or all of my old pilings?

I'm a serious newbie to boating so assume I know next to nothing about things.

What is best for boarding. I will occasionally host folks more elderly than myself.

What is best if I have no crew? Do they make remote controls for boat lifts these days?

Would you at least spend $1,300 on the new pilings now to help future proof matters for myself and my kids?

Are 8 pilings too much? When I leave for the season I wouldn't think so. Slip location experiences SW Florida tidal activities and wakes.


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