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Re: How does a boat break free of its moorings?

As far as a boat breaking loose there are only a handful of things that really cause that, not being properly tied would be the number one culprit, then there are old rotten lines that get weak and break. I have always been in the practice of doubling up all lines for this reason unless my stay at the dock is going to be really short.

The other thing you have to worry about is the condition of the dock you are tied to, if the wood is rotten the cleat can pull right out of the dock in a hard blow, I've seen that happen more than once. I have also seen some pretty sketchy repairs to fix docks when that has happened leading to further issues.

As far as a lift goes, great for keeping your bottom clean, but consider this, it is now another piece of equipment in a marine environment you are going to have to maintain. And consider this, what if your lift breaks in the up position with your boat sitting on it, I could see that getting expensive fast.

As well in a hurricane the storm surge generally speaking will be more than high enough to lift your boat out of the sling and park it somewhere else.

If I was going to leave my boat out of the water, id just store it at a boat yard where it can be wrapped up and it is covered by insurance.

I figure by the time you spend the 10 grand on that boat lift, well you could have paid for a lot of time having your boat sit in a yard somewhere and the upside is while it is on the hard you can work on it before it goes back in the water.

Working on a boat suspended on a lift is not my idea of fun.
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