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"There really should be some active cleanup patrol with nets or scoops to get up the debris. "
They've been here for something like 20-25 years. Two or three special boats, IIRC from the US Army Corp of Engineers, that look like catamaran fishing trawlers with a huge scoop/net up front. All they do is scoop up debris.
The problem is, we've got the street debris from 8-10 million locals plus another 5-10 million shore-dwellers in the same watershed, and every time it rains or the wind kicks up, every bit of trash blows into the harbor. After heavy storms, we'll get trees and houses coming down the Hudson--just like Huck Finn, except *whole* houses are a bit rarer for us.

No pump-out at 79th street? And it is a zero discharge area? I never looked into it that closely but can't see how that adds up. The waiting list for residential dockage there is, literally, decades long if they haven't simply closed it by now.
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