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Re: Female ASA Instructors?

Please encourage your wife to join the Women Who Sail Facebook group. When my wife and I took our ASA classes, she had a similar experience to the one your wife had; and more, found herself being reminded that men and women learn things differently. Guys push the button and just see what happens; women want a lesson on what is going to happen before they push the button. That's my wife's metaphor, btw, and she'll be the very first point out that it's far from a universal truth and neither approach is somehow superior.

Back to topic, she found many women on that Facebook group who think like her, and that made her feel so much better. And there she has found the perfect (or so she's convinced) female instructor to to the lessons over again. I can't tell you her name, because I don't remember. But she's based in Boston, I think, though spends a lot of time in the Bahamas.

A bit of a ramble, sorry — your wife is not alone, and there is a quite large support group waiting there for her. And that will include recommendations on the very best, geographically appropriate, women instructors.
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